Building eCommerce into B2B Website

In an effort to capture small business market - LivePerson began to offer their site visitors the chance to not only try their product online but purchase as well. We received and vetted various commerce vendors and in the end moved forward by working within our existing Drupal architecture and adding custom modules. Internally we took on the UX and design and a 3rd party (CommerceGuys) would work on all the integrations with DrupalCommerce, Zuora, our own product provisioning and Salesforce CRM.

As the UX lead on the project, I worked to create all the sign up screens, to support both a buy and try flows.

Having to display pricing that could work for both small and large businesses proved challenging and we worked through a number of iterations and tested these ideas on both live users (via onsite A/B testing using Optmizely) and also testing language and design on static images using UsabilityHub.

Later sprints …

With the intial set up launched, we then began to look into more complex functionality. Adding discounts, coupon codes, upgrades, internationalization and account profiles. For these sprints I worked with a small agile team consisting of the product manager, offsite developers and internal QA. I worked as the liaison to the Small Business GM as well as to the broader marketing team. Any new functionality we tested on UsabilityHub to level set our designs.

As we also supported integrations of LivePerson’s product with 3rd party platforms like Shopify, Prestashop and Drupal. This meant working with both internal and external development and business development teams to review APIs and requirements.

Billing Portal

Recently we’ve been working to build out the billing portal for all customers on the Drupal backend. From here customers can upgrade their products, monitor their usage, review and pay past invoices, and change their prefered billing method.

- end -