Clare Warburton

UX strategy & design

Hi, I am a Madrid-based designer. I specialize in user experience design. Over my more than 15 years of experience, I’ve advocated for users, managed, contributed to, and mentored creative teams, and launched successful designs and strategies that help clients increase revenue, size, and reach.

Right now I'm super proud to be a part of the Prodigioso Volcán team.

What I do

UX strategy

I will work with you and your team to strategize how best to design and build your feature, product, or website. This usually involves a few meetings, ideally some background research (talking to customers, reviewing the requirements with stakeholders etc) and typically results in deliverables that might include, sketches, wireframes, user flows, storyboards or prototypes. Scroll down to see some examples. This might also involve some level of both content and/or technical strategy, in which case I can assess the requirements and make recommendations based on your goals.

UI & visual design

Typically I'd recommend an existing framework as a starting point something like Bootstrap or Foundation. We can riff of those, or work directly in Material Design or follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Deliverables here might include hi-fidelity wireframes, an interactive pattern/ui library, html or static style guide, and or complete spec'd out files to be handed to a front-end developer.

Sometimes you are just looking for some marketing campaign pages, Facebook campaigns or email newsletters, I can do that as well, either building something new or working within your design guidelines.

How it works

I am based in Madrid. I am a US and UK citizen so have the luxury of being able to work in both the US and Europe (for now anyway ...). I have worked remote for many years, and have developed my own discipline on getting things done. I can provide a number of references if you need them.

I am most definitely a champion for Slack for team communication. I use Trello for my own project management. I use GitHub for sharing and collaborating with code, and have used Jira for larger projects and agile workflows.

I am comfortable working with teams from all over the globe and truly value organizations and teams that strive for inclusiveness and diversity. If you are a non-profit that's doing something awesome for girls or women, let's talk because I do pro-bono.

Some of my work

Below is a general dump of recent work — if you are looking for more detail, I have one case study written up ... Building eCommerce into B2B Website.

There will be more to come.



Get in touch!

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